Most people know that added sugar is not that good for you ... but here are a few things you might not know about why sugar is such a progress killer!

  • Sugar wreaks havoc on your body

    It affects your hormones, your energy, your mood, and even your waistline!

  • Cutting back isn't easy

    Not only can cutting out added sugar cause cravings, but it can also leave you feeling tired, blah, and worse.

  • Sugar is sneaky

    It has a way of sneaking its way into all sorts of foods and is pretty much everywhere in our food supply.

That’s EXACTLY why I created the Sugar Detox! It’s a free 5-day challenge to help you eliminate added sugars from your diet.


The 5-Day Sugar Detox Challenge is designed to give you the tools you need to remove the added sugars that hide in your food (often using an alias!) and replace them with healthier options.


Your challenge includes a Success Guide and a Progress Tracking Worksheet as well as 5 days of virtual coaching that’s packed with tips & tricks to help you stay on track!


But I'm only opening up this challenge for FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME.


Click below to sign-up for free while you still can!

Would you like to eliminate ADDED SUGAR from your diet so you can experience better sleep, energy, and results?

  • Success Guide Ebook: You’ll learn sugar detoxing tips, get ideas for smart snacks, and other info to help you regain natural energy!

  • 5 days of coaching that’s jam-packed with tips & tricks to help you stay on track!

  • Progress Tracker Worksheet: Here you can track your daily water, exercise, meals, sleep and set daily affirmations.


Holly Roser

Holly Roser is a certified Personal Trainer, certified Sports Nutritionist and fitness studio owner in San Francisco. She has 15 years of experience in fitness, including 10 personal training certifications. Holly is regularly featured on top websites and broadcasts across the country as a fitness personality. Her unique training style and infectious spirit have captured the audiences of the Dr. Oz Show, CNN, Self Magazine, Shape Magazine, Men’s Fitness Magazine, Prevention Magazine, The Washington Post, TIME, Harper's Baazar, Brides Magazine among many Holly’s mission is to help busy professional women working 60 hour work weeks get results in half the time.

5-Day Sugar Detox Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Congrats and Welcome to the 5-Day Sugar Detox!!

  • 2

    Let's get started!

    • Day 1: Let’s get this party STARTED!

    • Day 2: Why your breakfast can make or break your day

    • Day 3: Do you know how much sugar you consume every day?

    • Day 4: A sweet treat for you!

    • Day 5: The finish line!